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ART IS PRIME recognizes that art is an indisputable tool for the transformation of societies. Working hand in hand in communities we can achieve great changes. Our mission is to provide underserved and underserved communities with the opportunity to practice the arts and learn about its theory. Through art workshops, we worked on each participant his cognitive stimulation. It is very important for learning!

The Puerto Rico Educational System does not offer the best standards for arts education. It is perceived as a practice not necessary for society. Arts Education has been found to be an essential foundation for people's attention, focus, and memory. The person is exposed to different possibilities, discoveries, and have freedom. It teaches you to think creatively to solve problems. Also, helps the perceptual development and coordination between the eyes and hands.

This is why ART IS PRIME offers the best alternative as a creative and learning-based service. We intend to cross stereotypes, barriers, and prejudices. We want to be the most accessible organization in our communities!



After the tragic natural phenomenon of Hurricane Maria, we held an art workshop for the Yauco community. A large number of children gathered to spend a day full of art, with enthusiasm and hope.

We decided to work on the theme of hope. We drew a green landscape that would interpret a new Puerto Rico.

This was our first art workshop, the beginning of this initiative.


The Arte para Unir organization has the Yaucromatic project, which seeks mural artists to create murals throughout Yauco. The artist Samuel González Rodríguez created the iconic macromural in the Cantera sector, a marginalized community.

ART IS PRIME was invited to provide the community with a creative art workshop related to the famous macromural. Our goal was to make participants feel like part of this great work of art.


ESCAPE, the Family Strengthening Center, approached us to coordinate an art workshop for families in the town of Caguas. Our focus was on the assisted free theme. We talk about why art is important and how it helps us. All of our participants enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with the family.


ART IS PRIME participated in the grandfather month activity by the Office of the Ombudsman for the Elderly and its Adoptive Grandparents Program. Most elderly people have no family. Nursing homes become their new home. We wanted to offer them a very special art workshop. We listened to their anecdotes and they demonstrated their hidden art.


An activity that we will always repeat!



ART IS PRIME has created PINTO POR TI, a charity event for the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico. Our goal was to invite children and adults to accompany us to paint a work of art in exchange for a donation to the organization. It was a beautiful event, full of great strength, hope, joy, enthusiasm, and creativity.


We have the mission to continue making PINTO POR TI, as a charity event for non-profit entities.



We work together with the social worker José Gabriel Muñiz at the Ponce Social Treatment Center, attached to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. At this institution, we visited a young inmate whose goal was to work the arts and be a tattoo artist. We had a very pleasant conversation where we shared ideas and discussed the plan to reach that goal.

It was a unique experience! We understand that the inclusion of the arts is important in prisons as a method of changing lives.

* Due to the institution's security protocols, many photos could not be taken. *



The Sugar Free Kids Foundation approached us to participate in its charity event for children with diabetes. We took it upon ourselves to bring art to families in a fun and educational way. We talked about the importance of the arts and self-love for the works we do.



In Christmas 2018 ART IS PRIME decided to do a special activity for the Children's Shelter Home, Portal de Amor. A very moving activity where we provide help and paint as a family. The children painted and drew a lot.

They were so excited!

* Due to the security protocols of the center, no photograph was taken. *



ART IS PRIME together with the PHI ETA MU fraternity we bring an afternoon of great joy to the people of the Ponceño Institute of Down Syndrome. We really enjoyed painting beaches, making characters, drawing portraits, and talking about us. It was a beautiful activity.


We hope it will be repeated.



After the tremors and earthquakes at the beginning of the year 2020 in the southern area of Puerto Rico, we decided to provide art workshops to the affected communities. We visit the towns of Sabana Grande, Guánica, Guayanilla, Peñuelas, and Yauco. Hundreds of people lost their homes and others feared to continue living in their homes. While working out how to reclaim their homes, we provided art to youth and adults as a means of relaxation and reflection.

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