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Where are you established?

Currently, we do not have a local or establishment. Our goal is to have a family space to offer art workshops to the public.

Do you collaborate with institutions and social organizations?

We work with museums, schools, aid programs for children and adults, addicts, inmates, special communities such as the blind, deaf, with autism and Down syndrome, among others. We don't limit ourselves to anyone, as everyone deserves the opportunity to create art.

Do you do art workshops for birthdays and Wine & Paint?

Yes, we do art workshops for birthdays parties and for other private activities such as WINE & PAINT, COFFEE & PAINT, BEER & PAINT, etc.

How much is the minimum number of people to hold an art workshop?

Our minimum is 10 people to participate in our art workshops.

Do you visit all the towns in Puerto Rico?

Yes, we visit all the towns in Puerto Rico including Culebra and Vieques.

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