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ART IS PRIME is a community-based art project. Our main services are Art Workshops. But also, we offer educational art content for social networks. Such as videos about art exhibitions, artist interviews, art tutorials, art history, and much more.


ART IS PRIME is an art project, designed with the purpose to provide all communities an educational interest and practical knowledge about arts. We want all people, young and adults to have the experience of drawing, painting but above all, creating. 


We are the best alternative as a creative and learning-based service, we aim to cross stereotypes and prejudices.


ART IS PRIME started as a video content platform for Facebook and YouTube. As time passed we understood that we could cover other areas. We decided to make an Instagram and Twitter account.

We started recording art exhibitions at the University of Puerto Rico. We also took on the task of recording the murals that were in the Río Piedras area. All this in order to make it accessible to a distant audience.

After Hurricane Maria, we started giving art workshops for the community. Our purpose was to provide entertainment, education, and hope. It was very welcoming by the public, so we decided to do more workshops in different activities. We were learning and defining ourselves on how we would offer the service.

It has been a very rewarding adventure. We know that many young people and adults have learned with us. And that's what matters.


As part of our initiatives, we want to have a place or studio where we offer to the public the service of art workshops. We do not want to limit ourselves to doing activities only in Puerto Rico. We may be able to travel to other countries to take our art workshops there.


It is a goal we want to achieve!


Subscribe to our YouTube channel. In this way, we can reach more communities.


Remember that we can coordinate an interview with us.
Our email is
Write to us about how you could help us.


We look forward to your message!

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